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Sister Testiculata

21 May
Once bitten twice shy why don't you try me again
60's soul, a nice sit down, amélie, ane brun, annie hall, antifolk, armando ianucci, autumn, bagels, baubles, being enveloped in arms, belle and sebastian, belly-laughing, books, brick lane, cafes, cakes, cheese, cheese on toast, chocolate fingers, cinema, clissold park, cocorosie, compliments, copenhagen, cosy pubs, cupcakes, curry, david shrigley, devendra banhart, dive bars, don hertzfeld, douglas coupland, dreams, duvets, east london, edinburgh, eurostar, falling leaves, fireworks, francoise hardy, franz ferdinand, french new wave, fromage, galleries, haircuts, hal hartley, hdif, hedwig, herman düne, hot chocolate, hot water bottles, houmous, interpol, isabel allende, jeffrey lewis, joanna newsom, jonathan coe, kate bush, kath and kim, kavalier and clay, kimya dawson, kings of convenience, kissing, laughing, laundry smells, leaves still on trees, letters, lie-ins, lime cordial, little britain, little shop of horrors, lolita, lomography, london, lunch, lying in, m. ward, ma vie en rose, maison bertaux, manchester, mark kermode, mark radcliffe, mary poppins, monkeys, montmartre, motown, movies, mugs of tea, my friends, new york, newsnight review, nick cave, nick drake, nina simone, northern soul, nuzzling, omelettes, orange juice, parcels, paris, pastries, photography, pizza, pj harvey, plans, postcards, reading, reading on the tube, regina spektor, rice pudding, san francisco, scandinavia, second-hand bookshops, serge gainsbourg, sesame street, shabbiness, snogging, spring, stina nordenstam, stockholm, stoke newington church street, summer, sweden, talking in foreign, tate, tea, teenage fanclub, tetris, the arcade fire, the organ, the simpsons, the style council, the supremes, thomas dybdahl, tin ceilings, travelling, trinkets, vancouver, victorian era, vladimir nabokov, weekends away, wes anderson, will self, woody allen, woolly jumpers, yoga, yoshitomo nara