Sister Testiculata (testiculata) wrote,
Sister Testiculata

Literary Digest

I took a learning from The Age of Innocence. Newland falls in love with a lady when he's on the brink of marrying a nice, different, girl he now realises he's not actually in love with. But he doesn't do anything about it and the planned marriage goes ahead.

Years later he no longer burns with the fiery passion for his lost lover. He says that to be upset at not winning her would be like being upset at not winning the lottery. It would be a fantastical, wonderful and amazing thing to have shared a life with her but ordinary life was just fine, good and provided much goodness.

That's a good learning, isn't it. One from ages past but perhaps even more relevant in our era of believing dreams can come true being promoted in the movies, TV, lotto.

Obviously you've got to have a dream to have a dream come true, but you shouldn't get upset that it doesn't.
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